About us

Brian Tsuchiya - Visionary - our founder started his entrepreneurial journey 18 years ago and has since launched ten startups. EZOG was another idea in his many diaries. Fortunately he shared it, as he is inclined to do, in the hope of bringing clarity to others. He now agrees “My true genius is in guiding people to find their zone of genius and integrating it with their entrepreneurial spirit.” Brian's e-home is at the StartUpGuru and you can find out more about Brian and his many other activities at - tweet @briantsuchiya LinkedIn

Michael Potts - Cultivator - The Ezog guru has now spent the last 10 months living in his EZOG of cultivator encouraging entrepreneurs to discover their EZOG and talking to them and learning more nuances every day. 30 years of working around the world from sailing equipment to electric cars he is passionate about people and journeys. This project is his 5th startup and he especially likes building and facilitating teams and you can find our more about Michael and his other activities at - tweet @myzoneofgenius LinkedIn

Cathy Kerry - Visionary/Cultivator - The data queen has been supporting the EZOG project for 5 months. Her talent is in making data speak and listening to the data and the people simultaneously, which makes her indispensable. Her experience and insights into implementing assessments and decoding the data, continue to help us on our journey to continuously improve the EZOG assessment tool. Find out more about her at LinkedIn

Jinesh Parekh - Visionary - The technology talent has even made his team leverage their EZOG talents to help deliver the online survey in record time. His company Idyllic Software has established itself as mecca for agencies looking for creativity over complacency. He volunteered to be a team member as opposed to a supplier as it helped him work in his zone of genius. find out more about Jinesh and his Ruby on Rails Development team at Idyllic Software - tweet @idyllicsoftware LinkedIn